The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Account suspension for multiple violations of Intellectual Property rights.

While working on the account, we were able to find out that Amazon's main accusation related to changing the information on the listings to circumvent brand sales restrictions or manipulating brand names. However, the client was not the creator of the listings and did not make any changes to their descriptions. The listings were added by the program in large numbers and without any verification.
Despite this, we constantly received denials on our appeals. This is not the first time we encountered such a situation; the peculiarity of these cases is that they are rejected within 5-30 minutes after an appeal is sent. Therefore, we felt that Amazon was not treating our appeals carefully and objectively enough. Consequently, the decision was made to send the appeal to a higher department.
The account was reinstated a week after it was sent.
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