The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

How to reinstate an account with an Inauthentic suspension in the absence of proper invoices?

Its complexity lies in the fact that in the overwhelming majority of cases the client either has no invoice or it is from an unreliable supplier. Sometimes the situation is complicated by the presence of sales on problematic items. In this case, Amazon believes that you sold its customers counterfeit goods and made money on it.
However, if your invoices didn't go through or Amazon requested the entire supply chain, it doesn't mean the account is lost. Our legal team has developed a reinstatement strategy for such accounts. With the right approach in appeals, you can get Amazon to request the kind of information that will lead to the reinstatement of your account.
This was the case with one of our clients. His invoices and appeals were not accepted by Amazon. It took us two weeks to reinstate the account.

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