The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Reason for deactivation: Counterfeit issue; trademark infringement

The account was blocked for trademark infringement and selling potentially counterfeit products. Initially, this case seemed easy to solve. The client mixed up listings with very similar products, and placed a branded product under a listing with a different brand. A day later he received a complaint from the rights holder, and a couple of hours later the account was suspended.
In the very first appeals we wrote about a mistake made by the manager. An invoice was also sent for the purchase of the product. The product on the invoice was slightly different from the product on the listing, which also proved our theory.
However, none of the appeals went through. Each time we supplemented the appeals, changed strategies and evidence, but Amazon just wouldn't listen.
In the last appeals, we began to describe the situation as if the client had knowingly violated the trademark. We described the reasons for selling the product without brand authorization; as a consequence, selling inauthentic products and misleading customers about the sources of products. However, that didn't satisfy Amazon either.
Only after escalating the situation through a higher department we were able to reinstate the account.

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