The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Walmart suspension for incorrect addresses

We received a request from a regular client to reinstate the Walmart account. The account had been blocked due to incorrect addresses, which sometimes happens with Dropshipping sales model. Our experience has shown that Walmart accounts are more difficult to reinstate than Amazon accounts.

Walmart also requires a Business Plan of Action where you need to describe the root causes of the violation and preventative measures.

In addition to the Business Plan of Action, they asked for invoices for the merchandise as well as pictures of the warehouse with the merchandise. We explained the use of incorrect addresses by a glitch in the automatic system for processing order information.

This appeal has been pending for over a month, which is Walmart's standard review time. Calls to Walmart's Seller support are not available. So after you send your appeal, you just have to wait for the answer.

The account was reinstated a month after sending the appeal, invoices, and stock photos.

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