The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Reason for deactivation: Counterfeit complaint

The client sold the brand's products on its own listing. The product itself was purchased directly from a local pharmacy.

The account was blocked as a result of a counterfeit complaint from the rights holder. In our first appeal, we explained why we sold the brand without authorization and why the product might be counterfeit according to the rights holder. However, the first appeal was not accepted.
Then we decided to contact the rights holder and explain the situation. We were very lucky, because he turned out to be responsive. We provided him with the available documents for the goods (declaration of conformity and quality certificate). After a week of negotiations, the rights holder agreed to retract the complaint.
We promptly supplemented the appeal with the necessary information and sent it to Amazon.
The account was reinstated within 24 hours.
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