The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Failure to send orders after confirmation

The client sells on Amazon using the drop shipping model. At one-point Amazon deactivates the accounts for allegedly not sending orders and restricts access to the account.
The client was fully confident that all orders had been shipped, but some of them may have been delayed. He managed to collect 90+% confirming shipping tracking numbers.
We prepared an appeal where the whole story was based on possible delay of the orders due to the courier service.

One day after sending the tracking information and the appeal, we received a denial. Due to the lack of access to the account it is impossible to make the necessary call to Account Health team. Therefore, we adjusted the appeal once again. However, it was also rejected.
Then we decided to contact the higher department of Amazon through the complaint service.
In 3 days after the appeal the account was unblocked and access was restored.
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