The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Account reinstatement for INAUTHENTICITY COMPLAINTS.

The main problem is the invoices. If Amazon does not accept invoices because they cannot verify the supplier there is a very small chance that they will consider your appeal.

One of our clients had their account blocked because of numerous customer complaints. After the account was blocked, Amazon only requested invoices for the merchandise. The client’s invoices did not go through. Amazon could not verify the supplier and refused to accept the invoices.
In such a case, you are left with only one strategy for writing an appeal - abandoning your supplier (he was unreliable, sells a bad product, etc.) and providing data about the new supplier. However, the problem is that Amazon will ignore appeals and demand old invoices every time, especially if you have had sales on the affected items.
If your appeal is heard and accepted, you will receive a request for an invoice from your new supplier. If you do not receive such a request, there is no need to send such invoices. You will be wasting your money. You should only send such an invoice if Amazon asks for it.
For about two months we wrote appeals for the client and finally received an invoice request from the new supplier. After providing this invoice, the account was reinstated.
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