The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Repeated Drop Shipping policy violation

FBM privileges were suspended 2 weeks

In November 2021, the client sought assistance in writing a preventive appeal for violating the Drop Shipping policy. We prepared the appeal and it was accepted without any problems.

In March 2022, FBM privileges were suspended for a second violation. The likelihood of success for such cases is quite low, but the client still wanted to take a chance and try.
The first two appeals sent to the Seller Performance team were rejected. An important point was that in our appeals we promised to move the business to the FBA model.
The last appeal was sent through an outside department and included a description of the involuntary steps our client had to take before moving the business to the FBA model and which resulted in a repeat violation.

A few days later, the FBM privileges were reactivated.
However, let's not forget that the next violation will definitely be the final one for the client.
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