The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

The reason for deactivation: Forged documents


Account was suspended:
3 months

Amazon suspended an account because of providing fake invoices for application to sell the Lego brand.
The client bought Lego products from one of the retail stores. He bought only 8 items, when he needed at least 10 to get approval. Then he decided to forge an invoice from his current supplier and put the product data on it. Within 3 days the account was deactivated.
From the very beginning, we chose a strategy of full admission of guilt for the invoice forgery. However, every appeal we made was denied for two and a half months.
In our last appeal, we detailed the following points:
- A full admission of guilt for forging invoices, misleading Amazon and customers;
- We described the process of invoice fraud (why we did it, in what way, with what programs):
- We also indicated where we would get the goods from if the application was accepted and the fake invoices were not disclosed.

Our preventive part of the Plan of Action consisted of 20+ paragraphs detailing the approval process, the listing and supplier verification process, etc.
After this appeal, Amazon requested invoices from the new supplier to show the categories of goods sold in the future.

After providing such an invoice and duplicating the appeal, the account was reinstated.
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