The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

The related suspension is the most popular type of suspension on Amazon. Today we are going to tell you about an interesting case we had for about 2 months.

All the personal information on the account was checked several times. All of the information was unique and had not been used anywhere else before. The client did not give anyone access to his account and did not use the services of any third parties. Therefore, our first appeals were based on proving an accidental connection, but all of them were not accepted by Amazon.
Since the Account Health Team could not give us more information on the related account, we decided to contact Amazon another way, namely through Twitter. A few days later, we received a call from Amazon support saying that the connection between the accounts was due to a common supplier. They did not give us any criteria for the connection, however. The situation is utterly absurd because it is impossible to foresee this kind of connection and to define the criteria for it at all.
We tried to get some information from the supplier, but they were very hard to contact. Maybe there was some mistake and they mixed up the labels or gave wrong information when sending the goods.
All of these possible reasons we described in the new appeal. Additionally, we made a Termination agreement with the supplier and sent everything to Amazon. However, once again we received a refusal. On our next call to Amazon we got a very understanding support representative. She verified all the information and agreed that we had provided everything to prove the lack of relation. Our previous appeal was sent to Second review.
Upon reconsideration, the account was reinstated.
There are quite a few unfair situations like this and the main thing here is persistence and belief in winning, no matter how pathetic it sounds.

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