The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Suspension reason: Restricted product policy violation

One of the client listings was removed for violating the Restricted product policy. The item was classified as a stiletto knife. On the same day, Amazon requested a preventive plan of action. The client did not have time to submit an appeal and the account was blocked.
We reviewed the listing, the relevant Restricted product policy and prepared an appeal based on that data. In the root cause it was necessary to specify the specific ASIN and the link to the specific Restricted product policy. We explained the violation by the fact that the client had seen similar listings on Amazon and mistakenly believed that his product could be sold as well. We also pointed out that the policy had not been reviewed before adding the item.
A lot of emphasis was placed on the prevention part of the plan (necessary training for staff, daily checks of listings before and after adding them to Amazon).
One day after sending the appeal, the account was reinstated.
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