The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

FBM privileges were blocked for shipping abuse

The client was changing the shipping charges on orders he had already received, thereby increasing the cost of the delivery.
It took the lawyer about a week to resolve this problem. Initially we partly admitted guilt and tried to explain it as a mistake and inattention of the client. However, Amazon did not want to accept this explanation. In fact, the client was using this scheme in order to attract more customers. In the next appeal we had to admit this.
In the root cause we wrote that we deliberately set the shipping rate to zero, and later changed the cost, thus attracting customers with the alleged free delivery.
In the preventive part we had to point out that part of the client’s business would be transferred to FBA sales (it was Amazon's requirement). We gave a detailed description of the new system of setting and checking the shipping rate, as well as the duties of the person responsible for it. It was also important to include several steps describing how to attract customers without resorting to such fraudulent methods.
FBM privileges were reinstated just an hour after appeal had been sent.
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