The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Related account

The client's account was related to his brother's account. Initially, the client claimed that there could be no connection, since they live in different countries and have never done business together.

A preliminary data check on both accounts only gave the supposed criteria for the connection (bank accounts, registered address). The first appeal was written based on that, and we described the relationship and the possibility of overlapping accounts. However, the appeal was not accepted. We continued to change appeals and also made a letter from the brother's account that he denied any connection to our clients. However, this was not enough.
We were soon able to find out that the accounts were linked by credit card. Initially we could not verify this for sure since we did not have access to the related account. But, it turned out that the client had used his card to pay for ads on his brother's account.
In addition to the new appeal, we made a Termination Agreement where both brothers confirm the absence of any business relationship, as well as the termination of relationship, if they ever existed.
The account was reinstated 15 minutes after the appeal was sent
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