The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Today we decided to share a situation where we got a brand name back on a client's listing that had been altered by an unscrupulous seller.

The client’s own appeals didn’t work. Amazon responded that any changes to the listing had to be coordinated with the owner of the already new brand. After several unsuccessful attempts, the client came to us for help.
We immediately started writing cases in a more brazen manner and with threats that we would contact various teams and services if the problem was not resolved. After a few similar cases Amazon responded that our explanation was accepted and they would take appropriate action. It would seem to be a victory, but no. A week passed but the brand remains the same. We wrote again and made a reference to the last case, and again we got the same response.

Then we wrote an appeal letter, took screenshots of the cases and the listing, and sent it to the higher department at Amazon. Two weeks later we got the same response as before. We thought the situation had repeated itself, but a day later Amazon brought the customer's brand back into the listing.

We didn't use any unique workarounds or anything like that. In fact, the case was solved with persistence and a little bit of chutzpah. The most important thing when communicating with Amazon is to let them know that you will not stop at the first template answer and will continue to push for an adequate assessment of your situation.
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