The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Counterfeit suspension, is this ban so scary?

One of our clients received two counterfeit complaints from two different rights holders. The account was suspended shortly after receiving the complaints.

The product itself was purchased from fairly large and well-known retail suppliers, as evidenced by receipts. However, the client's own sending of receipts and appeals had no effect.
The problem was that the courier had not scanned the barcode upon delivery and the delivery status was “delayed”. Accordingly, Amazon had the question, "If the item was not delivered, where does the seller get the item to send to his customers?"
In our appeal, we described the problem in detail, and also tried to force Amazon to contact the courier service to confirm this story. However, the appeals were continually rejected. It is important to note that in our appeals we did not acknowledge that the goods were counterfeit, as their authenticity was confirmed by receipts from the retail store.

After several unsuccessful attempts, we decided to appeal to a higher department. A week after sending our appeal the account was reinstated.

The situation was initially in favor of the client (availability of valid invoices). However, there are situations where the seller can't provide proof of purchase, and then the reinstatement process goes much harder.

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