The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Back again with a story about being reinstated for Counterfeit complaints.

The client's account was blocked after a complaint from the rights holder, who bought back the product from the client and confirmed that it was counterfeit. The product itself was purchased directly from the rights holder and this was confirmed by receipts.
In our first appeals we tried to prove the authenticity of goods. The complaints themselves were explained by the lack of permission from the brand to sell their goods and use the trademark. However, we constantly received denials.
We tried to contact the brand owner, but also received no feedback from them.
After another call to Account Health, we were told that we did not recognize that the merchandise was counterfeit. The only way to reinstate the account was to acknowledge this fact. As absurd as it sounds, we decided to try. In the next appeal we acknowledged the counterfeit and the lack of authorization from the right holder. In a day the account was restored.
We are still in a bit of shock that having invoices from the rights holder we had to admit that the goods were bought from an unreliable supplier and were counterfeit. But sometimes you have to do absurd things to reinstate your account.
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