The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Seller Code of Conduct and Drop shipping abuse

 The suspension itself is quite serious since Amazon does not provide an opportunity to appeal. However, we still had a few successful cases, so we decided to take the account.
Our experience has shown that the only way to reinstate the account is a full admission of guilt in Drop Shipping abuse. In the reasons for the violation we fully admitted guilt and described the sales model on the account (in this case the purchasing channel was Amazon). It was also important to describe the situation with the tracking numbers and indicate the service they were generated from.
In the preventive part we had to show a completely new sales model. We focused on selling products through purchasing from wholesalers (we provided the suppliers' data; described the process of verifying them; introduced a new system of checking listings, preventing counterfeit and IP rights violations).
This appeal had been reviewed for about a week, after which the account was reinstated.

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