The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Suspension reason: Counterfeit complaints

The client received counterfeit complaints from two rightsholders. A few days later the account was blocked and Amazon requested invoices for these products.
The client only had Order Confirmations, as the goods were purchased from retail suppliers who did not issue classic invoices.
The main strategy in such cases is to prove why the client has not received additional permission from the rights holders to sell goods under their trademarks. The process of proving can take several months. We attributed this to a misconception regarding the applicability of the first sale doctrine, as well as the client team's lack of legal knowledge. In the end we did manage to convince Amazon to consider these Order Confirmations as proof that the goods are authentic. But in the meantime, we acknowledged the client’s fault for not obtaining authorization, which was the reason for these complaints. After this long process, the account was reactivated.

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