The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Information provided by the client:
Walmart receipt

Affected brand rights:

The account was on blocked status for 7 days.

Amazon requested an invoice from a client for one of the recently added branded items. The client had purchased the product through Walmart and only had a receipt. Before contacting us, he sent the receipt to Amazon, but it was rejected.
Evaluating the client's case, we realized that the chances to reinstate the account were extremely high, so we offered our help. We understood that the receipt from Walmart does not prove authenticity and the client's right to resell the brand through Amazon.
The first appeal was drafted, where we clearly explained in reasons:
1. Ignorance about the source of purchase of goods and lack of all the necessary documentation that the client should have requested from the seller at Walmart (license agreement with the brand, permission from the brand, invoices of purchase of goods).
2. Misconception about the availability of resale rights and the lack of necessary authorization documents.
3. Lack of quality control of purchased goods and inability to secure rights and warranties for the goods.
4. Indication of specific policies that have been violated as a consequence of the above-mentioned errors.

Much attention was paid to the preventive part of the appeal, where we developed measures to address each paragraph in the root causes.

After 2 days the account was reinstated.
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