The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern


🔺For the past few months, 100% of clients have been requested to pass video verification when withdrawing funds, regardless of the balance amount.

Please note that a withdrawal request can be submitted 90 days after the account is blocked. The request should be sent to

📞After submitting the request, you will receive a link to schedule a video call. Amazon will make the final decision regarding the fund withdrawal based on the video call. Subsequent appeals will not be accepted if the request is denied.

📄In this particular case, we prepared the client for the video call as much as possible. We provided a detailed list of questions and worked on the answers together.

All of this helped the client successfully pass the video verification and recover the blocked funds.

If you encounter any difficulties with fund withdrawal, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to assist you.👍
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