The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Today's story is about the account being reinstated for relation reason.

The related account was transferred to the LLC and actually had nothing to do with the client's account. However, the two accounts had previously had the same credit card linked, which was the reason for relation.
In our first appeal we explained the connection by the credit card. The credit card has been completely removed from the client’s account. However, this explanation was not accepted by Amazon. After a call to Account Health, we were told that we needed a document confirming the termination of the relation.
We did not have to divorce the client and his wife. Since they had different last names, we made her the client's sister, and prepared a Termination agreement that was signed by the parties and notarized. In addition, we took screenshots of the Charge method to show the removal of the credit card.
One day after sending the appeal documents and screenshots, the account was reinstated.

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