The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Today we will tell you about the suspension for exceeding Velocity limits

In our client’s case, Amazon also put the account up for review and asked for account information:
- How long the client has been selling on Amazon (we include the account registration date);
- Expected sales per month;
- Link to other stores/marketplaces, if any;
- Tracking information on shipped orders (minimum period is 1 month);
- TAX ID, VAT, DUNS number if you have them.

The client skipped this request and did not provide account information, after which he was blocked. At first he tried to send the appeal himself along with the requested information, but he kept getting rejected.
The first thing we did was a call to the Account Health Team. It was explained to us that there were several orders for which refunds had been issued, although the goods themselves had been shipped and the tracking shows their delivery. This story is familiar to dropshippers, who confirm orders with tracking, make refunds but the goods themselves do not send because they are out of stock.

We prepared an appeal, where we explained the situation with refunds referring to the misunderstanding of the policy. The root cause emphasized that the client considered this way safer than simply cancelling the orders (this is what you should do in these situations). In addition to the appeal, we sent all the information that Amazon had originally requested on the client’s business.
The account was reinstated 2 days later.
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