The reason for account deactivation: Product inauthenticity concern

Suspension with a request to provide Utility bill.

After buying the account, our client changed the server and login IP address. Amazon blocked the account and asked for Utility bill.
Many sellers confuse Utility bill with a receipt or check. The Utility is a BILL that you MUST pay. There are a number of requirements that a Utility must meet in order for Amazon to accept it.
1.It must be for electricity, gas or water.
2.It must be in one of Amazon's supported languages. If your Utility is in another language, you must translate it into the desired language and have the translation notarized. 
3.It must contain the provider's company information (logo, contact information, website).
4.It must contain the name and address of the account OWNER.
5. A big plus would be a color version of the Utility, but not all cases can get one.
6.It should not be older than 90 days.

Our client provided two Utility options, which we checked and chose the most appropriate one. Two days after sending the Utility the account was reinstated.
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